Hearing Aids


If you are shopping for a hearing aid, you should know that there is a wide variety of sizes and different levels of technology to choose from. A long time ago it was not uncommon to see a person wearing a body aid or a large, bulky BTE aid. Times have changed. Hearing aids are smaller than they used to be. Even a relatively small BTE aid, or sometimes an ITE aid, can be worn by someone with even a severe hearing loss.

Digital Technology
  • Digital Processing
  • Best for speech understanding in various listening situations
  • Automatically adjusts to sounds. Often no volume control
  • Many have computer chips that emphasize speech sounds - cuts down on background noise
  • Can be fine-tuned through hearing aid computer in the audiology office
  • Variety of sizes
  • Less interference with cellular telephones



Hearing Aids Types and Accessories

Behind-the-ear aid (BTE)


  • Suitable for a wide variety of hearing losses - from mild up to a severe or profound loss
  • Variety of colors to blend with skin or hair
  • Uses a universal eartip or attaches to an earmold that is custom made to fit your ear

In-the-ear (Full-Shell) aid (ITE)

  • Largest of the ITE aids
  • Often easier to handle than smaller aids
  • More power available
  • More space for venting
  • Fits a wide range of losses

Half-Shell aid (HS)

  • Fits in bottom 1/2 of concha bowl
  • Fits a wide range of losses

Completely-in-Canal aid (CIC)

  • Smallest of the hearing aids
  • Cosmetically appealing

Hearing Aid Care 


Hearing aids, regardless of the style or technology, require basic cleaning and maintenance in order to optimize their performance. The Hearing Aid Center offers a full line of accessories for you to care for your hearing aids. Our accessories include, but are not limited to, the following sections.


Dry & Store Conditioning 


This electrical device sanitizes and draws moisture from hearing aids - all you have to do is place the hearing aids in the Dry & Store, turn it on, and let it run overnight. This device can be used with all styles of hearing aids and is important for maintaining proper hearing aid function, especially if your aids are exposed to moisture and/or perspiration.




Personal Dry Aid Kits 

These kits come in two different sizes and, because of their small size, are good for travel. These products draw moisture out of hearing aids and are reusable. All styles of hearing aids can be placed in a dry aid kit.





Batteries and Battery Tester

We carry all sizes of Duracell and PowerOne zinc air hearing aid batteries, as well as small battery cases and testers.





Wax Guards & Tools


In the Hearing Aid Center, we stock specialized wax guards for different brands of hearing aids and also carry Ad-Hear wax guards, wax springs, and wax cleaning tools.

Cleaning Spray & Lubricant 


Cleaning spray can be used on the shell or outside of hearing aids to sanitize them. Hearing aid lubricant is used to ease insertion of the hearing aid into the ear canal.

Tubing Blowers 


These items are used with behind-the-ear style hearing aids to remove moisture / perspiration from the tubing and earmold.