Ventilation Tubes Post Operative Instructions



Your child has undergone placement of ventilation tubes in each eardrum. These are temporary and usually are spontaneously displaced into the ear canals in 6-12 months. We want to see your child at intervals, at least every 6 months, to check the position of the tubes and ensure there are no problems with them.

Activities should not be limited except that water must be kept out of the ears. Ear plugs may be used for swimming (please OK this with your doctor) or cotton with Vaseline for bathing. Bath time is all business and no play while the tubes are in. The child will usually complain of burning pain if water gets in the ears. (Call your doctor if this occurs).

Your child may resume normal activities immediately after returning home. A small amount of bleeding is normal the day of surgery.


Call your doctor if:


  • Severe pain occurs.
  • Drainage occurs from the ears (watery mucus or blood), but not if wax drains.
  • Vomiting persists the day after surgery.


Please call the nurse at 304-340-2205 for any questions or concerns. 
For an emergency dial 304-342-0124 and press "1" to designate the call as an emergency -  
Our trained office personnel will respond to your emergency call.