Ear Surgery Post Operative Instructions


  • Keep the operated ear dry (see custom water protection).
  • Exertional activity including heavy lifting, nose blowing, bearing down, etc., is not advisable.
  • You may wash your hair preferably over a kitchen sink with the operated ear up and protected by a towel.
  • The suture lines are to be cleaned two times a day with hydrogen peroxide. 
  • An antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin) should be placed on the suture lines after each cleaning.
  • The cotton plug that is in the ear canal may be changed as needed. It may be held in place with a band-aid.
  • Use ear drops as directed, if prescribed.
  • Remove the external dressing in a.m.
  • A laxative of choice may be necessary.


When to Call the Doctor

  • excessive bleeding
  • fever over 101 degrees
  • vomiting to the point of becoming dehydrated (symptoms)
  • not voiding
  • extremely dark urine
  • elevated temperature
  • severe dizziness


Please call the nurse at 304-340-2205 for any questions or concerns. 

For an emergency dial 304-342-0124 and press "1" to designate the call as an emergency -  

Our trained office personnel will respond to your emergency call.