Adenoidectomy Post Operative Instructions





Your child may be up and about at home, climb stairs, watch TV, read, bathe, etc., but should not be outside playing for two days. Strenuous activity should not be allowed for one week. Walking activities are okay.




For the first few days at home encourage plenty of liquids (juice, milk, soda, etc.) along with semisolid foods (ice cream, soups, breads, eggs, sandwiches, etc.). There is no dietary restriction after the second post-operative day.




Never use aspirin or aspirin-containing products (Aspergum). You may use acetaminophen (Tylenol or Tempra). A stronger pain medication and an antibiotic will be prescribed before discharge. Referred pain to the ears and neck may occur B give pain medication for relief.




Fever may occur normally the day of surgery and for several days afterwards. If fever exceeds 102 degrees, please contact your physician.




Bleeding may occasionally occur after surgery, but is unusual after an adenoidectomy. Your doctor should be called at any time, night or day, if bleeding occurs. We prefer you return to the hospital where the operation was performed if you think bleeding is excessive or an emergency exists. We have staff privileges at all hospitals in the Charleston area (Charleston Memorial Hospital, Charleston General Hospital, Women and Children's Hospital, Columbia Saint Francis Hospital, and Thomas Memorial Hospital).


Office Visit


You will be given an appointment for a return office visit.




Your child may return to school in two days.


Please call the nurse at 304-340-2205 for any questions or concerns. 

For an emergency dial 304-342-0124 and press "1" to designate the call as an emergency -  

Our trained office personnel will respond to your emergency call.